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About my Workshops

In my workshops my mission is to open spaces for unpredictable possibilities. I will give tools, impulses and motives, that help the participating bodies to discover their own movement potential and find a collective communication.. 

I focus on the individual bodies and on the collective body as a source of energy and flow. The collective body which is generated by the whole group on a kinesthetic dimension, communicating with all the senses like listening, seeing, sensing presence, predicting movement. The individual body as an internal space full of self-discovering possibilities.

Rhythm is an essential part of my teaching, as it permits the group to generate force, a feeling of collectivity and the possibility of falling into a trance-like state. As well as the interaction with the floor, which allows the participants to play with the forces of gravity and the forces of their own bodies and discover new dynamics. 

Physical contact will also be part of the movement research inside my class, as it invites the participants to work with the body as a physical mass, which can easily adapt and transform by movement. The body as a biological materia, which does not need to fit into any specific shape or ideal stereotype of the body. 

My workshop is more than empowering from the outside, it is a space to find the power from within and between within. 


“Meine, deine, unsere Geschichte”


 – Parkschule & Schauspiel Essen 


“Theater tanzt Körper”


Schauspiel Essen




 – Parkschule & Schauspiel Essen 


Theater Projekt

VKJ, Verein für Kinder- und Jugendarbeit, Essen




GGS Manderscheider Platz Grundschule, Köln



Workshop (Book)

Tanzfaktur, Köln


“Ein neuer Urwald auf einem vertrockneten Planeten”


Montessori Grundschule, Köln

„KlangKörper Aktionsnachmittag“


Kunterbunt Schule, Köln


“Ein neuer Urwald auf einem vertrockneten Planeten”

Montessori Grundschule, Köln

Gefördert durch das Vermittlungsformat 180 Grad vom
Landesbüro Tanz, Köln


“Klasse Komponiert“

Projekt in Schulen

Junge Opern Rhein Ruhr, Bonn