Amanda Romero


SENSORIUM enacts the awakening of a being that discovers itself in its presence. The observers have the chance to watch this being in the act of recognizing its body, its existence and its surrounding, as if it had been born in that very moment. It is a piece that transfers the human body into a parallel dimension, where there is a chance to perceive the world that we know today anew. And the chance to make oneself present anew.

What would happen if our mind and body would be reborn and we could awaken our senses to a very perceptible level? If we could rediscover our bodies as biological matter with a very mindful perception and with the same perception rediscover our surroundings? Could we vanish the borders between the environment, our self and our body?

Choreography and dance: Amanda Romero

Music composer and live mix: Sebastian Romero

Video documentation and editing: Maurits Boettger & Leonidas Corrozo

This piece was shown at Freie Performance Kultur #5:

Location: 922m2 Michaels Kirche, Köln