Amanda Romero

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works of .Dencuentro-collective, duos and solos

SINP’A – .Dencuentro

16. October 2020 – tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf

The performers* prepare. Tensions, distance and attraction grow. For a short moment, they all appear to hover, until their bodies are suddenly hurled onto each other and they clash with vehemence. A muffled smack. The bodies entangle until they disengage again, before the next encounter starts mounting. .Dencuentro, confront and interweave academic dance with the traditional form of expression in “Tinku”, a Bolivian battle ritual. “SINP’A” is a piece of…


The solo enacts the awakening of a being that discovers itself in its presence. The visitors of the performance have the chance to watch this being in the act of recognizing its body, its existence and its surrounding, as if it had been born in that very moment. It is a piece that transfers the human body into a parallel dimension, where there is a chance to perceive the world that we know today anew. And the chance to make oneself present anew.

Live music: Sebastian Romero

Nach dem Ende der Welt

You are sitting in a room of an abandoned building. You, human, you are only a memory, already extinct. You sit there, but you can’t do anything anymore. Someone is coming … it feels like life: it feels you, but it can no longer see you … it is already too late.
With this solo performance I deal with the idea of a dystopian world. A world after the collapse of the systems, in which nature was completely exploited and only individual survivors carry a memory of society with them.
With music from the film Spre Noapte (into the night) by Sergiu Zoger.

Photo by Baum

octobre 2019 – Freie Performance Kultur #11
december 2019 – Barnes Crossing

Just Living Matter

Performers: Greta Salgado, Amanda Romero
Human body as biological matter, as a phenomenon of nature and a fragile, viable interaction between cells.
„One afternoon, when we were asking ourselves questions about the fetal development and life after that, we felt like a tumor. We felt our bodies as if they were tumorous matter, so unpleasant and extravagant. We are an alienation of what we think we are, of our existence, of our bodies. Our bodies, which are growing from the sickness of the formation of life, of biological matter… We work by creating images that transmit the alienation of life creation. We use both our bodies to create one single functioning „thing“.Partnering techniques will be our tools to do so, by using lifts and contact points to create the illusion of a strange creature that forms and deforms. Apart from that we will use also single bodies, to play with the separation and fusion of cells.“
© Marcos Angeloni


april – september 2018 – Inkubator Residency, Tanzfaktur Köln
november 2019 – choreographische Dialoge, PACT Zollverein Essen


Ghost.Scape nace de la exploracion de danza y movimiento „Y Nosotros“ que se basa en el deseo de reflexionar con el cuerpo sobre nuestras identidades viniendo de un país principalmente andino y amazónico.

Este es un juego compuesto por los movimientos …


“..meanwhile I want to perceive every single detail. It sometimes takes longer until the enjoyment in a movement language has been transformed in my body or this stimulated energy has found an openness in my body to flow out and let in new ones.

My perception spreads all over my body to the fingertips and I become an energy leader who always lets new energy flow out through him.
Every minimal element of the music is immediately converted to movement. I am no longer a human being. I am a transforming organism that is only focused on dancing the music. Not to the music, but exactly dancing the music.
When the music stops I open my eyes. Actually, without wanting to stop, I realize that I’m human again. I can still feel the pulse of the music in my chest … “
© Marcos Angeloni

July 2017 – Bachelor Presentation, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, ZZT