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me as a dancer and performer

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REVENANTS – Ursina Tossi

In times of crisis, monsters come to light, archetypal figures, chimeras, revengeists – the undead. Their cultural existence feeds from the lives of those who disappeared without a trace, the forgotten ones …

WITCHES – Ursina Tossi

Since the Middle Ages, the figure of the witch appears extremely ambilvalent: stigmatized as a heretic, as sexually deviant and being with the devil, she was released in the transition to capitalism to persecution. At the same time, she is regarded as the guardian of knowledge about reproduction and healing as well as a sexually and economically self-determined woman. Adopted as…

Ein Hungerkünstler: Nach Franz Kafka – Zafer Tursun

A little game about eating, being eaten and seeing and being seen – according to Franz Kafka’s story A Hunger Artist.

momentum xsamples – Rafaële Giovanola

This performance came out of a student project in 2016 recreating the piece of Cocoon Dance Company MOMENTUM. After finishing my studies I performed again as part of the original cast with other students.
MOMENTUM makes a connection between…