Amanda Romero

+Momentum Xsamples – Rafaële Giovanola

september 2016 – ZZT Cologne
february 2018 – Impact Zone, HfMT Cologne
march 2018 – Biennale Tanzausbildung, HAU Berlin

Performers: Cheng Cheng Hu, Anna Kempin, Anne-Lene Nölder, Greta Salgado, Mare-Bue Sahiti, Marlyse Muller, Jimin Seo, Mihyun Ko, Amanda Romero

This performance came out of a student project in 2016 recreating the piece of Cocoon Dance Company MOMENTUM. After finishing my studies I performed again as part of the original cast with other students.

MOMENTUM makes a connection between the dancers and the audience through the palpable feeling of movement in a shared space. The dancers and the audience alike absorb the evolving kinetic energy just like the exhaustion, which become the driving elements of the performance.
Only the rhythm and speed unite the movements in a structural dimension. The pure physical, sweat-inducing choreography and the fusion of light and sound are generating a hypnotic energy.

Full performance here or watch it below in the player.

Photos by Marcos Angeloni