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16. October 2020 – tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf

Concept and choreography: .Dencuentro

Collective members: Constanza Ruiz Campusano, Greta Salgado and Amanda Romero.

The performers* prepare. Tensions, distance and attraction grow. For a short moment, they all appear to hover, until their bodies are suddenly hurled onto each other and they clash with vehemence. A muffled smack. The bodies entangle until they disengage again, before the next encounter starts mounting. 

.Dencuentro, confront and interweave academic dance with the traditional form of expression in “Tinku”, a Bolivian battle ritual. “SINP’A” is a piece of encounters and confrontation. The encounter during which the women braid each other’s hair, the meeting in pugilism, the encounter between the dancers* with the music and the encounter of bodies floating into each other. “SINP’A” acts in the tension between co-operation and the resistance of different identities and opens the physical confrontation as another option to celebrate life.Which is a cultural concept that is present in many practices and believes of the andean cosmovision. 

Research supported and made possible by »Sprungbrett <>Tanzrecherche NRW« in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw and PACT Zollverein, where we also presented our research work during the festival tanz nrw (click to see reviews and information).
nov. ’19-jan. ’20 – »Sprungbrett <>Tanzrecherche NRW« at PACT Zollverein Essen, tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf
mai 2019– tanz nrw (Tanzfaktur Köln, tanzhaus nrw, PACT, Krefeld, Theater im Ballsaal Bonn)
february 2019 – mARTadero Cochabamba, Bolivia
october 2019 – Research showing

(Rh)einfach Festival Tanzfaktur Köln
HundertPro Festival Ringlokschuppen Ruhr

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SENSORIUM enacts the awakening of a being that discovers itself in its presence. The observers have the chance to watch this being in the act of recognizing its body, its existence and its surrounding, as if it had been born in that very moment. It is a piece that transfers the human body into a parallel dimension, where there is a chance to perceive the world that we know today anew. And the chance to make oneself present anew.

What would happen if our mind and body would be reborn and we could awaken our senses to a very perceptible level? If we could rediscover our bodies as biological matter with a very mindful perception and with the same perception rediscover our surroundings? Could we vanish the borders between the environment, our self and our body?

Choreography and dance: Amanda Romero

Music composer and live mix: Sebastian Romero

Video documentation and editing: Maurits Boettger & Leonidas Corrozo

This piece was shown at Freie Performance Kultur #5:

Location: 922m2 Michaels Kirche, Köln