Amanda Romero

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Amanda Romero Canepa dancer, choreographer, performer & pilates trainer

I grew up in Lima, Peru and moved to Germany in 2013 to study contemporary dance, from which I graduated in 2017.

Now I dance, create, perform and teach in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Essen, Lima and Cologne and I am certified Polestar Pilates trainer and give classes.

.Dencuentro Collective:

Together with Greta Salgado and Constanza Ruiz we work as a dance collective called .Dencuentro (eng.: point of encounter). We focus on decolonizing practices with the body and are interested in collective healing practices through dance. We worked in tanzhaus nrw, Theater im Ballsaal, PACT Zollverein, Tanzfaktur and Quartier am Hafen.

I've worked with:

As a performer I work and have worked with Ursina Tossi, Marje hirvonen, Christi Knak Tschaikowskaja, Margherite Windblut, Zafer Tursun, Rafaele Giovanola, Alma Miranda, Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler, Thies Mynther, and some other wonderful artists. 

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The human body as biological matter, as a phenomenon of nature, as a fragile and ephemeral combination of cells in a specific system. the human being as a perceiving and reacting animal. smell, touch, flavor, sounds. skin, flesh, muscle, energy.


What is a colonizing body?

What is an egoistic body?

What is a collective body?
What is a body with a decolonizing approach to life?



Decolonizing processes and practices, co-living with nature traditionally and modernly. Dance in all its forms and understandings. Healing practices, collective practices, codependency, togetherness, creating one body to survive colonizing forces and fighting to exist beyond them.


I live and speak through my body. I am a human animal and I am on the search of the essence of my biological and spiritual existence together with all other living beings in this planet.

What are we as the human species?

How do our cells and particles organize and how do we as individuals organize?

Is it the same way, just in different scales?

Why do some human beings destroy so much, ignore so much, harm so much?


How do others find strength from even the most suffering situations to keep living and caring for others?


Resilience, resistance…